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Methods To Cut A Hair Wig


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Hair wigs are the best choice to make your hairstyle look good without touching the actual hair. The wigs can be used on temporary basis with any size. You can style the wigs as per your desire to make them suitable for the hairstyle you are going to wear. In case you are planning to cut the wig, you must follow a proper technique without causing any damage to it. Always have patience while cutting the hair and if you do the cutting in a hurry, the wig may become unwearable.
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Try to comb the wig first with a normal wig hair brush and place the wig on top of head before starting the cutting process. You must do the trimming process by wearing the wig to maintain it in a proper length. Take thinning shears to cut a bulk hair which can give your wig a completely flat look. Keep your thinning shears over base of your wig before trimming it to prevent any stubble looking hair in the wig. You can cut the bangs in your wig by simply pulling it straight down like cutting the original hair. Keep the bangs a little longer than the actual length your want it to be so you can fix it later. Just cut the remaining hair in the same way and make sure to cut small amount of hair. The entire hair in your wig must look even before placing them on the head.

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