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Quick Weave Hair Mohawk


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A quick weave Mohawk can be created with very less time than creating the Mohawk hairstyle with a normal weave. This is one of the best way to change your normal hair into a very unique and modern hairstyle.
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To create quick weave Mohawk, make sure that hair has become fully dry after washing it and brush it fully to take the tangles out with the help of wide tooth comb. Then use a moisturizer all over the hair and leave it become dry on its own. Create cornrows on both the side of the hair as individual braids which must go on top of the Mohawk and secure end of your braid using a normal rubber band. Now take the braid ends that are loose to create a ponytail and use a hair gel in the middle of the head as well as ponytail. Try to make the ponytail end smooth using hair gel and use a blow dryer to make it dry. Now there will be a hair exposed in between the braids over the nape of the neck which must be covered using a quick weave. Try to add the quick weave in the exposed hair using weaving glue and try to add another track about half inch over the first one. You can create layer in your hair by using the razor to keep it longer at the back and short on top of the head before straightening it with flat iron.

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