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Steps To Moisturize Straight Wigs


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Synthetic hair wigs can be the best solution for creating a beautiful hairstyle without damaging the natural hair. But the synthetic wigs can get damaged when brushing it and sometime that will also become frizz. You can just moisturize the synthetic wigs just like you do to your natural hair to keep it healthy and strong.
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Before starting the moisturizing process, first you must take the tangles out of the synthetic straight wig by simply combing it with wig brush. Try brushing the synthetic wig from crow of the head and move to the end gently. Take a tub of cold water and mix two caps wig conditioner in it. Keep your synthetic wig inside the tub and gently massage it using your hands which will make the conditioner to enter into your wig. Then take the synthetic wig out of the tub and rinse it using a as you do with the natural hair. Make sure it becomes fully clean without leaving any conditioner over it. Leave the synthetic wig to become dry on its own without using a blow dryer and then comb the entire hair very gently with a comb. Now you can style the synthetic wig as per your desire and in case you are not satisfied with the final result, follow this process once again. You can also mist the entire synthetic straight wig with a leave-in conditioner in case you don’t prefer to follow this technique to keep it simple.

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