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Clip-on Ponytail Hairstyle


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Clip-on ponytail can be a best way to make the hair look log without touching your natural hair. There are different types of clip-on extensions that can be used to style it like a ponytail and it can be easily attached along with your head. There are few simple tools that are necessary to achieve this look and consult a hair specialist while purchasing the clip-on extensions.
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First take a rectangular size fabric and keep it in the place where the clip can secure ponytail to the hair. Try to sew hair wefts with your rectangular fabric from the bottom of your fabric and then move your way towards the top. You must sew the weft in a row till your fabric gets covered with the hair. Try to scratch the top side in the claw clip which can be useful in making it rough and while applying the glue it can give more support. Next use claws into fabric’s slits to make the clip to catch into the wefts and brush it toward the side of your head. You can use hair pins to keep clip along with the fabric while positioning it in place. Now use glue for attaching the felt to the clip and make sure to use the glue just below the weft and all the sides must be glued to your clip. At last brush the entire ponytail with a normal hair comb to remove the tangles.

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