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Face Framing Hair Highlights


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Creating face framing hair highlights can your entire hairstyle look completely new. You will be able to get a very unique look where the hair will be highlighted around the face. This way of styling is also followed by many celebrities. Try to purchase the hair color which is about 1 or 2 shades lighter to the natural hair color.
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First wash the hair a day before using the highlights over it and apply a petroleum jelly over the forehead to keep the hair color from falling over the skin. Then take the hair color and mix it in a proper way by following the instructions mentioned over the packet. Next take three inch hair strip just below the hair which will be used for coloring. Wear hand gloves before applying the color over your hair. Try to add light color over the hair strands in midway down to achieve the face-framing hairstyle in a perfect way. Try to fold foil strip into half before moving on to the next segment of your hair. Continue to add highlights over the hair layers that frame your face in layers and avoid coloring too much of hair strands as it make the hairstyle look bad. Make sure that you are just adding face framing highlights that must be done only around your face. Leave the hair color as per the time mentioned over the coloring kit and then take foil strips out of the hair for washing it as usual.

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