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Hairstyle With Shingle Bob


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A shingle bob is a hairstyle that has been worn by many people from a long time. In this hairstyle, you will have a shaped bob which will be cut in v-shape over the nape of the neck. You must use a perfect hair cutting technique to achieve it in a proper way, so don’t try this at home unless you are good in cutting your own hair.
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First brush the hair and make a simple part in the middle of your head. Start cutting the hair to keep its length near your ear using shears. You must also cut the hair near back of your head and all around. Use the same shears for cutting the hair sections to create a blunt look and avoid touching the hair at your nape of the neck. Now pull your hair into two sections such as on each side at the back your head and secure them using bobby pins. Brush your hair near the neck and create a v shape with the help of your shears. Try to shave the entire hair around hair edges to create a clean v shape look. Cut your tapered hair in different lengths to achieve the shingle look by working your way from bottom to upwards. Hold the hair using fine-toothed hair comb during the cutting process and keep your comb flat near the neck and gently tilt it to collect the hair in between its teeth.

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