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Making Hair To Lay Down


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Making the hair to lay down can give a completely different look and you must use the perfect hairstyling technique to achieve this look. Don’t use the hair products that can keep the hair in place as you may spoil the entire look. Also stay away from the hair products that promise to provide shine in your hair as they can make the entire hair look heavy.
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First get a proper haircut by going to a saloon to define the hair in any direction you would like. Then apply a volume-increasing product that can keep the hair flat on top of the head and wash the hair using a shampoo before conditioning it to increase the volume. Next add a little amount of styling mousse in your hand to apply it over the hair. Use the mousse from end of your hair and move towards the scalp. Now you can dry the hair using a blow dryer after bending the hair forward to make the hair to fall in front of the head. The hair will have more volume in it after flipping the head back to its original position. If possible try to curl the hair using hot rollers to make them look beautiful. You can also avoid using the curling method in case you want the hair to stay flat on the head. Try to wash the hair with shampoo once in two days and use a proper hair conditioner.

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