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Using Honey For Styling Dreads


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Dreads are the best hairstyle that can be achieved by simply twisting your hair as sections. You must try to twist the hair again after sometime to maintain it in the original shape. During this time you can also wash and condition the hair. Using honey along with lemon can help to keep the dreads intact during the twisting process. Use the following method to add honey on the dreads to make them shiny without spending too much money.
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First wash the dreads using a normal detoxifying shampoo and use a conditioner over the ends only. Then dry the hair using a towel and put it around the shoulder. Next take the honey and mix it along with lemon juice. Pull out one of the dreads to apply the mixture over it and try to twist it with your fingers. Keep the hair damp during this process and secure the twisted dreads over the head using a metal clip. Use this simple technique on the remaining hair dreads and mist the hair with water if it becomes dry. After twisting the entire hair into dreads take the clip out and use a hooded dryer on all over the dreads for about half an hour. The better option would be leaving the hair to dry on its own and once the dread becomes fully dry it would get a shiny look. The hooded dryer can help to keep the honey bonded into your hair and make it look healthy.

Valerie June still from Craig Brewer's $5 Cover. Photo by Tommy Kha. honey dreads8

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