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Adding Volume To Shoulder Long Hair


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Having a hair which is shoulder length can be very difficult to style in different variations. There are few ways that can help to add more volume into your hair that can be helpful in styling it as per your desire. Try to use medium-sized rollers to add more volume into your hair and it can also help to make the hair curly. Use styling products such as hair dryer, hot rollers, hairspray, styling wax and hair clips.
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First use a volumizing hairspray to mist only the root of your hair and avoid brushing the hair. Take the blow dryer and keep it about two inch sections taut using a normal round brush. Continue to dry your hair in the same manner and lift it using your fingers. Try to flip the head upside down during the drying process and then wrap about two inch hair sections in a large roller. You must secure the hot rollers using hair clips and leave it on the hair for around fifteen minutes. Now you can take the clips out of your hair to take the hair out of the hot roller and mist the entire hair with a spray. Apply hairstyling wax in your fingers to spread it all over the hair. You can add volume as well as make the hair look curly by following this simple technique. This method can be helpful in adding bounce into the hair locks and it can also make the hair look big.

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