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Making A Straight Wig Look Curly


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Maintaining the straight wig in its original shape can be boring for most of the people, so it is better to change its structure by making it look curly. You can achieve the curly look with the help of heat and curlers without going to a hair specialist.
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First keep the wig over your head to make the styling process much easier. Then comb the hair using metal bristle hair brush to make it tangle free. Start wrapping your hair strips around the curlers. Take about two inches hair for wrapping it around the curler and if you take smaller width hair you will be able to create smaller curls and use tighter curls to get large curls. Start the wrapping process from ends of your hair around its curler till you reach near to scalp. Use wig pin for securing the hair in place by pushing it inside your hair in the curler. You must try to wrap the entire hair in the curler in the same way. At last dry your hair to make it set in the curler. Use the blow dryer with low setting on the hair for at least half an hour to get into look. Try to use a normal wig moisturizer all over the head to maintain it for a longer time. Avoid using a curling iron over the hair as it can burn them very easily and wash the hair only two times in a month.

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