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Rolling Too Short Hair


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Having a too much short hair can be very difficult to style it as per your wish. In case you are planning to roll short hair try to follow a proper method to do it. There are rollers available is the store that can be used for styling short hair into rolls. Avoid using any type of special tools for styling the short hair in this way as you can do this with the help of normal hair rollers.
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First comb the hair using a damp brush to make it knot free which will make the styling process much easy. Then separate your hair as three parts such as two at the side and one on top. Use hair clips to secure the hair section separately. Try to separate each bigger hair section as small sections from front to back of the head. Take one of the hair section and keep it in medium-sized roller over top of your head for pinching it in the roller. The roller must be kept in front of your hair in front of the face. Start rolling down your hair till you reach end of the base and make sure that the roller is kept directly over the head. Fasten your roller using the hair clip and use the same technique on the remaining hair sections and leave hair rollers secured for at least 15 minutes. Next take the rollers out of your hair to comb it gently without putting any pressure.

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