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Using Sage To Make Hair Dark


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Sage is also used for coloring the hair which can stay on your hair for at least 4-6 weeks. The sage is the perfect choice to color the hair dark without spending too much money. It is normally used to create brown hair color that can be used for different hairstyling process. Try to wear hand gloves before starting the styling process. Here are few methods that can be used to make the hair dark using sage.
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First take one cup with sage pieces and mix it along with boiling water. Make sure that the water boils fully after adding the sage pieces and stir it well. Leave the mixture to steep and strain sage from the water after fifteen minutes. You must rinse the hair using this sage and leave it on for around 20 minutes. Try to make the hair fully dry while following the rinsing process. Try to rinse the hair using normal water once your drying process is completed. You can try to mix your sage rinse along with rosemary oil or the lavender to keep the hair moisturized. The sage rinse is the best way to color your hair by sitting at home even though it will make the hair look subtle. But you can see the changes in your hair which will turn lightly brown or blond. Avoid using your hands to mix the sage as it can stain them which can be difficult to remove.

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