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Hairstyle With Circular Cornrows


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Circular cornrows are the best hairstyle that is mostly liked by kids. It is considered to be one of the best and unique hairstyles that can be worn by anyone with long hair. This hairstyle can make yourself look completely different if you match it with a perfect outfit.
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These braids can be achieved small or large depending upon your desire and it will have more layered as well as spiral pattern. In this style, all the hair goes into the cornrows with no hanging braids. In this hairstyle, most of your hair will be used for creating the cornrow and there will be nor braid which will be hanging. Before creating this hairstyle make sure to decide the number of cornrows you like to make. You must be able to make three parts in your hair to create three dreadlocks. Try to part the dreads straight down the middle of the head starting from forehead to nape. Use elastic to secure the dread that was created and move on the other part of your hair. Then pull out three dreads in front of loose hair section to braid it once again. Next take another hair dread from loose dreads to keep in the middle of your dread and continue the braiding process in the same way. After completing the dreads on your head you can just wear it like a circle on top of the head. Make sure they are secured properly on top of the head.

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