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Hairstyle With Half Up And Down Hair


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Creating half up down hairstyle can be worn for special occasions including a wedding. You can achieve this hairstyle by just using the hair clips which can help to pull the hair up and down. Try to use hair clips such as barrette clip, claw clip and other for creating this hairstyle.
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To create this hairstyle with a barrette clip, first pull your entire hair to create a simple looking low ponytail which must be secured flat on top of your head. Use the barrette on top of your ponytail and brush the hair smooth. Try to curl sides of the hair that has lot of body as well as movement to create the half up and down hairstyle. Make sure that the curls in your hair have been properly set before adding it into the ponytail. Then twist the hair upwards in your ponytail and secure it over middle of your twist. Arrange the hair curls on top of the head before misting it with a hairspray. Next pull your hair that is on the sides of the head as well as at the crown to create the ponytail in the middle of the head and try to twist it downward before wrapping it around to create a normal bun shape. Leave some of the hair to hang from your bun down in front of the head and then secure it at the end with the help of a hair clip.

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