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Styling A Relaxed Hair With Comb


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A relaxed hair will become curly once it has been left without touching for few weeks. This usually happens when the hair starts to grow. There are many combs that have been specially made to use over the relaxed hair during this condition. You must follow a proper method while using the comb to brush the hair. Make sure to purchase a perfect comb to use it over the hair. While getting the comb from an online store, consult a hair specialist and make sure to follow the correct method to use it over the relaxed hair.
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First brush the hair to make it tangle free after washing your hair completely with a shampoo. It is important to condition the hair before using any type of comb over it. Then divide the hair as four parts to apply a serum all over. Now use the comb with lowest setting on each parts of the hair. Make sure that the comb is slightly heat and using it with too heat can make the hair damage. Take small parts of hair in your hand to use the comb over it starting from the root and move to the end of the hair. You must the comb only for 3-4 seconds depending upon the thickness of the hair parts. Try using the same method over the other parts of the hair that were divided before. Follow this method on regular basis to maintain the relaxed in a proper way.

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