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Styling Your Hair With Thinning Scissors


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Thinning scissors have been used to add unique texture in your hair and it can also make your hair less weight. You can this scissor to create a completely new hairstyle by just cutting the hair in a perfect technique. Try to sue the following method for using the thinning scissors in a perfect manner. You must avoid starting the haircut from the root of your hair as it can cause frizz. If your hair has fine texture, then try to move the scissors into your hair and work it along with small parts.
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First make sure to keep the hair slightly wet during the haircutting process and secure the hair with hair clips that is not used for cutting. Then comb your hair from top and use the thinning scissors half way in the middle of this hair section for cutting it across by moving your way down at the end of the hair strand. Try to cut just quarter inch of length in each section of your hair and move only in one direction while cutting the hair. Use this technique on the remaining hair sections all around the head. After cutting the hair, look at your entire head and in case you want to make any adjustment try to do it gently. Check the hair that is cut by sitting in front of a mirror and make sure to look into each section of hair that has been thinned.

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