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Hairstyle With Leopard Print


leopard print hair leopard print hair2
Coloring the hair using leopard print can make it look completely different and it can help you to stand out separately in a crowd. You can create this unique looking hairstyle with any type of hair and it can look good on a shorter hair. There are various styling techniques that can be sued to achieve this hairstyle. Here are few steps that can be used to get this unique looking hairstyle.
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The first option would be creating this look with a stencil. Keep the stencil as close as possible to your head and use the small brush for coloring the holes in it. You can use either a permanent or temporary color for coloring your hair and leave it on for few minutes as mentioned on the coloring packet. Then get a rinse all over the hair to condition it as normally you would do. Other techniques that can be used to create this look are by using the leopard-print extensions that can be just placed on top of the head. The next option is dipping the celery stick into hair color before applying it over the hair. You must get help from anyone to do this process effectively. The final option to get this hairstyle by going to a hair salon who can make this style within few minutes. You can also make your stencil that can be used on the hair and cut stencil in its shape using a normal knife.

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