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Hairstyle With Stocking Cap Weave


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A stocking cap weave is a great to style your head which can give a really dramatic look. In case you are planning to create a hairstyle without touching the natural hair, then this option would be a great idea. Get a natural hair weave from a store before starting your styling process and use only glue to achieve this look without using any other products.
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To wear a stocking cap weave, first you must create a braid with the natural hair and wear a shower cap. Then keep the stocking cap weave over the head and use only weave glue over your weave track. Starting from front edge of your stocking cap use your hair weave into stocking cap around entire perimeter over the head in circular motion. Continue this process till there is only little amount of space left on top of your stocking cap weave. Now take three inch size hair weave to keep it over the track and try to roll it gently by keeping in between the fingers to make it dry. Also use a little amount of glue inside the space that was left on top of your weave. Next brush your hair to make it tangle free and cut your weave in layers all over to make it look like a bob. You can also try to bump your hair weave a little bit using a hair straightening iron to make it look fully flat.

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