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Styling Hair With Side Emo Bangs


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Side emo bangs can be created on any type of hair and in this hairstyle, the length of the hair can be kept short or long. This style can be worn by both women and men depending upon the length of their hair. In this style, the hair will be parted in such a way that it will cover one of the eyes in your face. Don’t cut your hair when it is wet because it can make the hair look much shorter than it actually is.
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Begin the styling after cleaning your hair and avoid using a hair conditioner. Then use a straightening tool to make the hair look straight and make a part over the side in your hair to pull it across your face. Try to take more hair from your parting to pull it across side of the head. Next take all of your hair at the back of the head which is not used for the styling process and take only that front part of your hair that will be left as bangs. Brush your hair that is front of the head and hold it in between middle and your index fingers. Now keep the fingers over the point where you want to make the cut which can be a little tricky. Try to make the haircut at 45-degree angle and try to take off small hair sections. Use this method to cut along the remaining hair till you get the desired look.

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