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Styling Thick Hair Using Rollers


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Having a thick hair can be useful in creating different types of hairstyle and one of the best ways of styling the thick hair is using rollers. You can achieve the roller set hairstyle without going to a saloon in case your hair is too thick. Don’t use the rollers that have little prongs as it can damage the hair easily.
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Before starting the styling get the rollers that are perfect for your styling technique. The rollers are available in different sizes and shapes. To create tighter curls use small rollers, to get soft looking curls in your hair use medium rollers and to achieve a straighter look try to use large rollers. Next wash the hair as usual before conditioning it with a light hair conditioner. Brush the hair to make a part in the middle and keep the roller at hair strands to roll it down your head. Make sure that the divided hair part is even to use the same number of hair rollers on both the side of the head. After using the rollers on each thick sections of the hair mist the entire hair with a spray to keep it in place. After some time you can remove the rollers from your hair once it becomes fully dry and brush the hair gently. The hair may take too much time to dry and in some cases it can also take about seven hours to become completely dry.

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