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Taking Care Of Damaged Relaxed Afro Hair


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Having a relaxed afro hair can help to maintain it easily and in case the relaxed afro hair is damaged you must follow a proper method to treat it. There are different ways that can cause damage to your relaxed afro hair and you can also follow many ways to deal with this problem. Don’t use too much of heat on your hair as it can make the hair look damaged. Always use a normal towel while removing the water out of your hair. Most of the people are very serious about treating their damaged afro hair in a perfect way and it is really very important to keep them healthy.
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First you need to condition your hair everyday and use a conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. Leave the conditioner on the hair for about 3 minutes and before getting a rinse. Hair conditioning can make the hair look healthy and restore the damaged hair cuticles. You must wash the hair about twice or thrice in a week and not more than that. Use the satin cloth to wrap the hair before going to bed in the night to prevent the hair breaking. Get oil treatment on the hair on daily basis to maintain the natural hair in your hair and it is important to get this treatment once in a month. Always condition the hair immediately after washing it with normal water and don’t use shampoo every time you wash your hair.

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