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Creating Curls With Self-Grip Rollers


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Using self-grip rollers can be a perfect way to create curly hair and it can also add more body to your hair. Most of them would like to create lot of thick curls in their hair, but it can take lot of time to achieve. But they can try using the self-grip rollers to get this hairstyle without spending too much time and you can also achieve this look overnight.
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Wash the hair without using a shampoo that has been made for straightening your hair and also avoid using hair conditioners. Use just a towel for drying your hair and then if required, try to use a blow dryer. Then take the thermal self-grip hair rollers that are suitable for your hair type as it is available in different sizes. To get much tighter curls, try using smaller rollers and large rollers are best for creating wave along with texture in the hair. You use these rollers all over the head as per your desire and mist the entire hair with a normal spray. Apply heat over the rollers to make the hair dry and leave them on till you are ready to go out. Once the rollers start to cool or you are ready to go out, take the rollers out of your hair gently without combing the hair. At last mist the rolled hair with a spray for adding shine as well as to make the curls stay in place.

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