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Removing Keratin Hair Straightening


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Keratin hair straightening can be used to make the hair soft and easily manageable. Even though this process is known to costly and also time consuming, it can make your hair look really flat. It is important to maintain the hair in a proper way to keep it in original shape. This straightening treatment can stay on your hair for around 3-6 months depending upon the maintenance. In case you are planning to get rid of this treatment at home try to follow this simple method.
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To remove the Keratin straightening treatment, first get the sodium as well as chlorine free shampoo along with the conditioner. Then wash the hair and make sure to comb your hair before using water over it. Use warm water for washing your hair and apply the shampoo in your hands before using it over the hair. Try to massage the scalp with the shampoo using the fingers and make sure that it gets distributed throughout the hair. Next use normal water for washing the shampoo from your hair and use the hair conditioner that was purchased along with the shampoo. Now you can brush the hair using wide-tooth hair comb for spreading the conditioner all over your hair and leave it on for few minutes. Then rinse the hair again and dry it using a normal towel. You can try using a blow dryer with medium heat and make the hair straight with a flat iron if required.

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