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Taking Clip Extensions Out Of Your Hair


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Hair extensions are available in different shapes and sized which can be applied using almost same technique. In case you want to take the clip extensions out of the hair make sure it is done without damaging the natural hair. The hair extensions can be used over your hair by using clips and each of them may vary depending upon the manufacturer. You can just use the same techniques that are used for taking the barrettes out of your hair. Make sure to stay patience while removing the clip extensions from your hair without causing any damage to it.
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Before taking the clip extensions from your hair make a part to look at the top section in the extension and then move till the end. You must keep the thumbs over both the sides on top of your clip and then keep the index fingers at both sides just below your thumbs. Try to put a little pressure towards inward on the thumbs and put pressure on the index fingers towards outward which will make the clip to clip to snap open. Now take your opened clips from the hair gently without touching your natural hair. Use the same way to take the clip extensions on each part of your hair using your fingers. In case you have used more than a single clip for securing the extension. Try to remove the clips on by one from each part of your hair.

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