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Treating Hair With Vitamin E


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Vitamin E is one of the best solutions for treating your hair which looks dull or damaged. This vitamin is also known to be good for circulatory system apart from hair treating as it can make the oxygen to reach the scalp which is a very important process in maintaining a healthy hair. It is also very important to consult a doctor before consuming vitamin E on daily basis to stay away from any reaction.
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There are different ways you can take vitamin E which includes in the form of capsules that can be purchased from a health store. Try taking at least two 200 IU capsules in a day for around one week. Vitamin E is also available in foods that can be taken every day which includes nuts, legumes, eggs, seafood, wheat germ, soybeans, seeds and more. You can also consume leafy greens, vegetable oils, turnips, carrots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. It is better to take natural vitamin E than going for any synthetic vitamin to prevent any kind of side effects. This vitamin E is also helpful in treating various issues such as low immune system, diabetes, anemia, shingles, etc. There are also Vitamin E shampoos available which can be purchased from a saloon and it is known to provide a great solution for treating the hair. Be careful to follow the prescription provided by the doctor while consuming Vitamin E tablets and don’t use it without consulting a physician.

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