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Adjusting Clippers To Get Closer Haircut


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Getting a closer cut is not so easy as you must adjust the clippers to make the haircut properly. This haircut is likes mostly by men with short hair and even women with short hair can get this look. Just use the following method to adjust the clipper to cut the hair in this manner.
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First decide what type of hairstyle you are planning to create and then adjust the hair as per your wish. Now take the clippers to take the additional attachments out and make sure that the clipper is fully clean before moving to the next step. Find the clipper switch that is used for setting it as most of the clippers will feature its adjustment switch near the handle or near its blade. General settings usually start from 1-8 and setting it with 1 can be useful in clipping your hair about 1/8 inch long. Setting it with 2 can clip your hair 1/4 inch long. You can also set it as 3 to clip the hair around 3/8 inch and use 4 to achieve 1/2 inch length. The clippers can be used with 7 for cutting the hair 7/8 inch long and 8 to achieve 1 inch long. You can slide its switch in a proper setting and include the attachment with the clipper. Always use the clipper with the proper setting on a small section of hair before styling the longer part of your hair section.

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