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Create Waves With Remy Straight Hair


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A Remy straight hair can be styled in different ways to make it look beautiful. Here are few tips that can be used to style the Remy straight hair to look wavy. The Remy hair is a human hair that is available in various ranges. You can use curling iron for creating the waves without going to a hair specialist. Don’t use too much of hairstyling product on the Remy hair as it will make it look dull.
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First brush your hair as per your wish and plug the curling iron into a power socket to make it medium heat. Mist the entire hair with a spray to protect it from heat produced from curling iron. Take a hair strand which must be the size of your curling iron and comb it using a normal fine-tooth brush. Now open the clamp of your curling iron and roll end of the Remy hair with the barrel. Then release your clamp to make the hair stay in its place. Start rolling your curling iron till the scalp and keep it secured for ten seconds. Then take the clamp from your hair to make the hair to fall on its own. Now the hair will look curly and use the same technique on the rest of your hair. Start brushing your hair using your fingers which can make the curls to become loose and look wavy. Use large barrel to create loose waves and to get smaller waves use small barrel.

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