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Methods To Color Half Hair


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There are different ways to make the hair look unique and of the method is coloring only half hair. You can use high contrasting hair color to achieve a completely unique look and it can be done at home. Before coloring the hair make sure which part of the hair will be colored.
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First divide the hair using a normal comb and use the mirror during the coloring process. Keep the hair that will not be used for coloring separately by securing it with a clip. Now purchase the hair color that will be used and read the instructions carefully about using the color in a proper way over your hair. Wear hand gloves before coloring the hair and divide your hair into different sections to start the coloring process from top to end of your hair. Try to color the entire section of your hair perfectly and make sure to apply the color only half way over the entire length of your hair. Leave the color on your hair as per the time mentioned over the coloring kit and rinse the hair as usual. Make sure that the rinsing water comes clean out of your hair to stop the rinsing process. Now you can take the clips out of your hair that was used before to make it fall on its own. Use a deep hair conditioner all over the hair and leave it on for around three minutes before rinsing the hair once again.

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