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Styling A Quickweave Wig


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Quickweave wig can be easily created by simply bonding extensions over the stocking cap. This is a perfect to customize the wig in a proper way. This method can be used to achieve the same look that can be compared to the full-head sew-in hair weave.
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Begin the styling with a washed and conditioned hair. Wear a shower cap and keep hair weave tracks at back of the head before cutting it as per your desire. Apply a glue underside the weave piece and use the same glue across nape of the neck before pressing the weave over it. Use the same method on the remaining part of your hair and make sure it looks even. Try to secure the hair separately before securing it away from the face. Finally you must have circular space over crown of the head which can be done using your hands. Now you must try to create the wig closure which can be done by taking about three inches long weave piece and use glue straight over the edge in split track to roll its track as a circle to create the closure. Make the closure to look as straight as possible using a flat iron and paste it at the center part of the quick-weave hair wig. At last cut the weave which comes out of your hairstyle to get into the look. Make sure that the tracks have been perfectly bonded along with your stocking cap.

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