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Adding Color On A Synthetic Hair


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A synthetic hair can be perfect way to create a hairstyle without touching the natural hair strands. In case you want to color the synthetic hair, try to follow a proper technique as the plastic fibers in the synthetic hair can make it difficult for you to achieve the colorful look. Try to use a lighter color on the synthetic hair to keep the coloring process simple which can be done in three ways.
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First get the liquid fabric hair color of your choice and mix it in a bowl of water. Make the synthetic hair to submerge in the color and leave it for about 45 minutes. You can use this process till the hair color changes. Try to rinse your hair and condition the synthetic hair by following the manufacturer. In case you want the synthetic hair to get a soft look, purchase a hair rinse and apply it all over you hair by pouring it in a spray bottle. Leave the hair without touching till it becomes dry and use the spray once again over the hair. To create a unique hair with colorful stripes, get a permanent ink to apply it over the hair from root to end of the synthetic hair. You can just run the permanent ink along your hair till you reach the proper result. This technique of coloring the synthetic hair can take lot of time, so try to start the styling process when you are completely free.

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