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Hairstyle With Urban Dreads


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Urban dreads have been very popular hairstyle among many people all over the world from a long time. This hairstyle can be worn by anyone, but they must have a thick and long hair. This hairstyle is considered to need a very little maintenance that can be created on any type of hair and you can achieve it overnight without spending too much time on them. It is a temporary hairstyling method that can be done at home than going to a hair specialist.
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This hairstyle can be achieved at home by following few simple techniques and you can use just hair wax to achieve it. Start your hairstyling process when the hair is completely dry by applying the wax over your hair which must divided into one inch width. Next use the wax on top of your hair for twirling it down by moving onto the section. Hold the hair section at the bottom by just pinching it and leave them overnight to create the dreads. In the morning you can just wash the hair gently. After creating this dread hairstyle there is no need to wash the hair on regular basis. This hairstyle is no need to get any touch-ups for sometime as it can stay in its original shape for a long time. In case you are planning to create the true dreads, go to a hairstylist than styling the hair at home as it is not as simple as the urban dreads.

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