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Styling Your Hair With Gradual Layers


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Adding gradual layers in your hair can be done only by going to a saloon and in case you want to do his at home follow a proper method. You must also have a perfect skill to achieve this hairstyle at home and stay patience during this process as it can consume some time. Make sure to sit in front of a mirror during the cutting process, so it can be done in a perfect way. Just use the following method to cut the hair with gradual layers which can be done on any hair type. Try to get some practice of cutting your own hair by placing a wig before moving onto natural hair.
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First comb the hair and divide the hair into equal amount with symmetrical parts. Try to cut the hair from large section on top and make the bottom hair to fall loose without any cut. Now use claw clips to hold the hair in place to work it in parts. Take one hair section for combing it and keep it straight up. Now take the hair near forehead in between the index and middle finger. Start cutting your hair vertically using shears by keeping it parallel to your hair strands. You must cut more hair that is been held in your fingers and try to check the length of your hair on regular basis during the haircutting process. Use this method on the remaining sections of hair and finally comb the entire hair.

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