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Using Foam Curlers For Curling Hair


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Foam curlers can be a perfect alternative to the hot rollers to create beautiful looking curls all over your hair. The foam curlers can also add lot of volume as well as texture into the fine hair without causing any damage to them.
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To use the foam curlers, first mist the entire hair with a spray once it is washed using a shampoo. You must also use a hair conditioner before mist it with a hairspray. Next comb the hair divide one section of hair using the rat-tail comb end. Start wrapping your hair with foam curlers from end of your hair and lock it gently. You may get curler lines during this styling process and to avoid them divide your hair randomly from top of the head by moving to sides as well as at the back. To create soft looking curls in your hair, try to wrap foam curlers very loosely on a large hair sections. To achieve tight curls, wrap the curlers tightly as well as close to your scalp. Use the hair dryer to make the curls dry or leave the curlers in the hair overnight for drying them naturally. Once your hair becomes dry, remove the foam curlers after unlocking it from your hair section by section. Try to remove the curlers very gently by taking your own time without pulling the snag out. Then comb the entire hair gently and style it as per your desire.

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