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Adding Layers To Afro Hair


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Creating layers in the Afro hair can give a completely new look and this is the best option to make your hair look long. You must a perfect idea to create the layers in any type of hair and the same technique can be used even on the Afro hair. Adding layer in your hair can be helpful in removing the bulkiness in your hair. You must cut the hair just using sharp straightedge scissors and avoid using other haircutting tools.
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First you must select the suitable layered hairstyle for your face and this can be done by going through websites, magazines and photos. Begin your styling as usual after washing the hair and keep it conditioned properly. Start the cutting process when your hair is still wet and make sure to comb the entire hair using the wide tooth brush before proceeding with the process. Try to take a section of hair in 90 degree angle away from your scalp and keep the hair in between index as well as middle fingers before starting the cutting process. You must cut your hair beyond the fingers using a straightedge hairstyling scissors for creating the layers in a perfect shape. Continue to cut the hair sections around your head at inward angle to keep the hair shorter. In case you have a long hair, try to cut it in the rooftop pattern to get lot of hair at the sides of your head.

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