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Coloring Black Hair With Red Color


black red hair black red hair2
Changing the black hair into red colored hair can be challenging as it is mostly done only by a hairstylist. But if you are trying to change the black color of the hair to red by sitting at home, try to follow this simple technique. To change the color of your natural hair, first get a red color and a developer that will use on your hair.
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Apply the color over the hair midshaft as well the ends first and then use it over the roots. Leave the color to get saturated completely in your hair evenly and leave it get processed for around 45 minutes to an hour. The red color applied over your hair needs lot of time to get the color intensity, so stay patience and leave the color over the hair as recommended by the coloring product. In case you want to apply the red color over the artificial hair, then get a hair bleach, red color and developer. Mix bleach proper along with the developer and use it over the hair ends without touching your natural hair. Once your hair starts to turn into red-orange apply a shampoo for washing it completely. After the hair becomes dry, mix red color along with 10 volume developer to apply it over your hair. Leave the mixture over your hair for about one hour and in case you are not satisfied with the end result, repeat the process once again.

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