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Making A Hair Weave Straight


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Making a hair weave straight needs a special styling technique and get help from a hair specialist if you are doing this for the first time. In case your weave has been curled it can make it further difficult to make the hair straight. Use this method to make the hair weave straight as well as smooth. You can use this process only if you have a human hair weave and avoid using it over the synthetic hair as you will be applying heat over the hair weave. It is important to comb the entire hair using a normal hair brush before starting your straightening process.
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First brush the hair weave when it dry and use a shampoo for washing the hair completely before applying a hair conditioner. Apply a gel all over your hair and make sure it is applied gently throughout the hair from root to end. Then comb the hair weave once again and apply heat from the hairdryer along with comb extension at the end. In case you don’t have a comb extension you must comb the hair only it becomes dry. Next use a spray after parting your hair into two inch section and comb it using bristle utensil. Now you can use a flat iron over the hair more than two times. Finally apply a oil sheen all over the hair before styling it however you want. The hair weave can stay in the same shape till you make it curly again.

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