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Methods To Make Hair Smoothing Gel Free


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Smoothing hair gel is a most used product on any type of hair that can make it look shiny. The hair gels can be helpful in creating different types of hairstyles and in case you have applied too much of hair gel which can cause buildup. There are few things that must be used to remove the gel from hair. You can do this process by using the clarifying shampoo at least one or two times in a week. The clarifying shampoo can be used for removing various styling products such as waxes, pomades, greases and gel.
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To start first you must rinse your hair using warm water and then use a clarifying shampoo to wash the hair using your hand. Use your fingers to separate the hair strands while rinsing it with water and don’t use warm water. The clarifying shampoos are considered to be very strong that can get rid of gel buildup in the hair. Don’t use the shampoo on your scalp as it can cause tangles and rinse it fully out of your hair. Next comb the hair using wide toothed comb and add moisturizing conditioner in your hair to keep the hair soft. After leaving the conditioner on the hair strands for around twenty minutes and then use the moisturizing leave-in conditioner to style the hair you wish. Continue to rinse the hair with a clarifying shampoo in case the gel buildup is seen on your hair.

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