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Using A Weave Track By Flipping


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A weave track can be useful in creating a fuller looking hair and it can be easily cut to suit your head. Most of the women wear the weave track directly on top of their hair, but some of them prefer to wear it by flipping. The weave tracks are normally flipped over the side of your head than just cutting it as usual. You can flip the weave track by sewing it using a needle and try to get help from a friend during this process, so it can be easily done.
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To flip the weave tracks, first create a normal cornrow braid from one side of your head to other before wearing the hair weave. Keep the weave track at your lowest cornrow and secure it in place over the back of your head using hair clips. Start sewing weave track to your cornrows by sticking needle through weave track lining under the cornrow. Try to twist your weave thread in the needle after it comes out of your hair. You can flip your remaining hair weave after reaching get to side of your head. Fold your weave track backward to make it move over next cornrow and to create another hair layer. Sew weave track to your cornrow in the same way to flip the weave track completely. Then keep a new hair weave directly over the end of your first weave for sewing it in the same way.

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