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Covering Gray Hair With Hair Rinse


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Hair rising can be helpful in many ways and one of the best solution is removing the gray hair by rinsing. This method of hair rinsing can keep the color on your hair for about 6 weeks. Most of the people with gray hair follow this method to color their hair to look differently. You can any type of hair rinse for covering the gray hair and try to test it by applying over a small part of hair to look for any reactions.
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First make sure what type of hair rinsing product you are going to use over the hair. Some of the hair rinsing product needs your hair to be washed and some of them must be used without washing the hair. Brush your hair using a normal wide-tooth comb to make it tangle free and then read the instructions on the hair rinsing product before using it. Make your hair separated into four sections and add enough color over each hair section to make it saturated. Try to cover the gray hair perfectly by massaging the color very slowly. After covering the entire hair or only the gray hair sections with the hair rinse cover it using a shower cap. Leave the hair rinse over your hair sections for about half an hour or as mentioned on the bottle. Then rinse your hair completely using a shampoo and apply a hair conditioner. Dry the hair as usual before styling it as you wish.

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