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Creating A Bun With Foam Donut


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Creating a bun with your hair can give a simple look and it can be achieved by following various styling methods. One of the simple methods to achieve the bun is using foam donut. Most of the people will try to create the bun after making a ponytail which can only stay for few hours. If you use a foam donut it can help the bun to stay in place for a long time. The foam donuts can be purchased from a beauty supply store and try to purchase a hair tie along with it.
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To create the hair bun with foam donut, first take the entire hair in your hand and brush it using a normal bristle comb from root to end. Create a simple ponytail by taking the hair in your hand as usual by just wrapping it with hair tie. The ponytail must be created near crow of the head and slide your ponytail inside the hole in your foam donut. You can adjust your foam donut to keep it around the ponytail and around your hair tie. Now brush the top hair part of your ponytail to make it spread over top portion of your donut. Make sure that the hair from your ponytail to spread over the bun in a perfect manner. Use another hair tie at the base of your bun and keep the hair ends secured just below your foam donut by using bobby pins.

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