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Cutting Hair Layers In Front Of Your Head


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Cutting the hair layers in front of the head can be a challenging task and it must be done very gently. Getting a haircut can change your look completely and in case you want to layer the hair in front of your head try to give more attention while cutting the hair. You can get front layers cut by using the razor scissors which can make them blend smoothly.
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First wash the hair before starting the haircutting and maintain the hair wet during this process. Make the hair part as usual and begin your haircutting from front of your head which will frame the face. Try to cut the hair with short face framing layers in two inch parts from your chin. Try to blend your hair layer that was cut before along with rest of the hair and make sure to thin out the hair ends using a razor scissor to prevent blunt look. Run the razor scissors through one inch at the end of each layered section. Use this technique on both the side of your head till you get the desired look. Try to brush the thin layer hair in front of your forehead to make it look thick. Do this by holding the hair in between the middle and index finger to create the layer in front of the forehead to align longer hair along with the bangs. Continue to cut the hair on the edge of the bangs to make them look thick.

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