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Getting Your Hair Rinsed With Rosemary


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One of the best way to make your hair shiny is by using a rosemary rinse and it can be followed as a regular process. Rosemary can be a great choice if you have a dark hair to make it look highlighted. The hair rinse is available in the form of a shampoo as well as conditioner which can be used as usual. You must prepare yourself before using the rosemary rinse on your hair and make sure that you are not allergic to the rosemary leaves.
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First take the rosemary leaves in a glass bowl and add boiling water into it. Leave the rosemary to steep for around 15 minutes and strain it out to make it cool on its own. Then mix one tbsp of vinegar in the bowl before using it for the rinsing process. Now take the mixture in the bowl to apply it over the hair after you wash the hair using a shampoo and using the conditioner. Next you can dry the hair with a normal towel or using a blow dryer, but don’t rinse the hair after using the rosemary mixture over the hair. The rosemary mixture can be left on the hair before styling it as per your wish and it won’t affect your hair or the hairstyle you choose to wear. The rosemary rinse is also known to remove the dandruff from your hair, but you must use it with a proper technique.

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