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Making Hair Straight Without Using Creams


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Making your hair straight permanently can help in different ways and most of the people do this by using hairstyling creams. But you can achieve the same look without using any styling creams. By doing this you can easily control the hair frizz and maintain the hair as straight as possible. Consult a hair specialist before using any of this hair straightening treatment so you can save your hair before it gets damaged.
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The first option in making the hair straight without creams in by following the Japanese straightening method. In this process the hair will undergo chemical treatment and it will be made straight using flat ironing. This technique can make your hair straight without using any type of hair dryer or creams. The second option is using the Brazilian keratin hair treatment which is suitable for all hair types. You can make your hair look pin straight by following this treatment, but it is considered to be very expensive when compared to other hair straightening treatment. The Brazilian treatment is expected to provide lot of irritation to the eyes while you use it over the hair. The final option is straightening your hair at home by using Liquid Keratin which is known to be a dilute version to the Brazilian keratin hair treatment. Even though this treatment is done at home most of them expect it to stay only for few days and it is also as considered to be much costlier.

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