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Using Velcro Rollers For Perming Hair


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A perming process can be done by using different styling tools, but you can also do the same with the Velcro rollers. The rollers can be used perfectly on your hair without any special skills and you can continue the perming process perfectly. You can use the number of Velcro rollers to create the curl all over the hair.
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First dry the hair after washing it and brush it perfectly. Take half inch hair section near your forehead and keep rod just below the hair ends for rolling rod down over your scalp. Next make another section behind your first section and continue the rolling process from one side of the head to other. Then make another vertical part over your ear and try to roll your back section using half inch partings. You must roll your front section in the same way and use the same method over the other side. Now take the perm solution and saturate your hair with it from top to bottom on each roller. After covering your entire hair with the perm solution, cover it using a plastic cap. Leave the hair with perm for about twenty minutes and use warm water to rinse the hair. Now take the neutralizing solution and try to saturate the entire hair with the solution in the same way as you applied the perm. After leaving the hair for five minutes, take the rollers out of your hair and rinse it as usual using warm water.

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