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Hairstyle With Sew in Bangs


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Sew in bangs are the perfect hairstyle that can be achieved by just cutting the hair after sewing the hair weave. You can sew the hair weave as per your desire without touching the original hair and after creating it with the weave cut the bangs in a proper way. You can achieve this look without getting help from anyone with few simple styling methods. Try to sit in front of a mirror during the entire styling process and especially when you are cutting the bangs.
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First wash the hair with a normal shampoo and dry it using a blow after applying a hair conditioner. Then part a hair section horizontally over the head where the bangs will fall and create a cornrow. Next sew the braid ends to make them sit in one place by using needle as well as weaving thread. Now keep your weave weft against the braid at the back of the hair and try to sew it into the braid. Stick the weaving needle into your braid and then through your weft for securing it in place. You must cut your weft once it reaches the braid end and try to cut it close to your hair. Continue the sewing and cutting process in the hair till you are able to cover the complete head. At last comb your hair to make it look like bangs and cut it as per your wish using the normal scissors.

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