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Styling A Straight Hair With Diffuser


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A straight hair can sometime look weak and dull which can give a completely bad look to your hairstyle. But you can easily solve this problem by using a diffuser in the blow dryer while drying your hair. The diffuser can help to add more volume to your hair which can make the straight look really amazing. You must have a perfect hair length to use the diffuser over it and try to get a proper haircut before using the diffuser. Consult a hairstyling about using the diffuser in a blow dryer for adding volume into your hair.
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After washing your hair remove the excess water using a towel and apply the curl-enhancing product all over your hair from end to root. Now take a diffuser along with the blow dryer and use it all over the hair with low setting. First use the blow dryer over the roots and gently move it into your hair in a circular motion. Then keep the blow dryer at 90-degree angle over the head for adding more volume into your hair. After the op part of your hair becomes dry, try to use the blow dryer at the hair ends. Next flip the hair down to dry it using a diffuser for another one minute to make the hair look much thicker. Avoid styling your hair after washing it and leave the hair to become dry on its own before using the diffuser along with blow dryer.

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