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Taking Care Of Allergic Reactions After Hair Coloring


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Adding color to your hair can be much easier than it actually looks and most of the people do this at home. There are different types of hair coloring product available in the store that can used to change the look of your hair. But you must be careful while applying the color on your hair as it can cause allergic reactions in case it doesn’t suit you. After purchasing the hair coloring product, look for the ingredients which are allergic to you before using it. If you are facing any allergic reaction after using the hair color try to treat it carefully by using this simple method.
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The most important thing that must be followed while coloring the hair is doing a patch test which is simple. Just mix the color and use it on your skin in the inner arm. Leave the color for about five minutes and then rinse it completely. If you don’t find any reaction for at least 24 hours, the color can be applied over the entire hair. In case you find the allergic reactions after applying the color on your hair, wash the color out of your hair with clarifying shampoo and take antihistamine tablet to protect you from allergic reaction. You can also use cortisone creams on your skin if it feels itchy, but you must select the best cream suitable for your skin. In case the allergic symptoms still persists, get help from a doctor.

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