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Tight Afro Curls


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Most of the people like to create curls in their hair as they can really look amazing. In the same way, tight afro curls can be created by following different styling methods. This hairstyle can be worn for any type of event and it can really look beautiful if you wear it along with a proper outfit.
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First apply a hair conditioner all over the hair after washing it with a moisturizing shampoo. Make four sections in your hair and dry them individually using a hair dryer along with comb attachment. The first method to achieve the tight afro curls is using a curling iron which must be smaller in size for achieving thick curls. Move the curling iron close to your scalp and pull it to the end of your hair. Leave the iron in the hair for about five seconds before taking it out. Another option to get this look is using perm rods or hair rollers for rolling the hair tightly. Leave the hair in the rollers overnight after securing them using hair pins. In case you want to end the styling the same day use the hair dryer for drying your hair and once your hair becomes dry take the rollers out of it. Use your hands to separate your curls and mist it with a spray. The final option to get thick afro curls is rolling your hair and securing them using bobby pins to leave the hair to dry overnight.

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