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Coloring Hair Using Vinegar


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Vinegar is used for various purposes, but you can also be used for coloring the hair. It can be helpful in adding color to your hair on temporary basis which can last only for few days. Apart from coloring the hair, it can also make your hair look shiny as well as conditioned. You can also use the vinegar on the hair at least once in a week to get a quick hair color and it can also keep the hair healthy. There are two things that must be followed to use the vinegar for coloring the hair to get dark or light hair.
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First cut the herbs such as coffee grounds for low-lights and marigolds to get blonde highlights. Take the herbs in a mason jar and add mix it with two cups apple cider vinegar. Now take the jar and keep it in a refrigerator for at least two weeks. Then keep a cheese cloth to cover jar opening and hold it down by keeping the rubber band on around jar’s lid. Keep the funnel over the top of your spray bottle and pour vinegar color in a spray bottle. Now you must wash the hair using a standard shampoo and don’t condition the hair. Just mist the entire hair with the vinegar and rinse the hair as usual. In case you want to make the hair color look dark avoid rinsing the hair and don’t worry about vinegar smell as it will slowly fade away.

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