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Making Your Hair Straight With Hair Dryer


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Hair straightening is done by using various styling techniques, but you can also make the hair straight at home by just using a hair dryer. It is no so difficult to make your hair straight at home and you just need to use round brush along with the hair dryer to do it. Make sure to use the hair dryer by pointing it down while using it on the hair.
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Before starting the hairstyling procedure make sure that your hair has been completely washed with a shampoo and conditioned properly. Then use heat protectant spray all over the hair and apply a straightening balm through the hair strands using your hand. Now use your fingers to comb the hair and use a hair dryer with low setting. Divide your hair as three different parts such as one behind your head and two over the side of the head. Take a small part of hair to comb it with the round brush during the hair drying process. Try to pull your hair just away from the head to make it straight. Pull the round brush just underside of the hair and after this hair section becomes dry move onto the next part. Try to maintain the tension to spread the heat evenly all over the hair section. Take another section of hair after the first hair section becomes straight very gently. Just use the same way to make the other hair parts straight.

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